Anyone who is interested in helping those in NYC and D.C.

Myself, Brandon, local relief groups and a Director with the American Red Cross have made an agreement to benefit the American Red Cross. We are working with a program that will facilitate donations to benefit victims and families affected by America�s most devastating tragedy. For every dollar donated. Brandon will match it, up to $25,000.

All donations will be directed to the American Red Cross and will distributed to aid those directly affected by these events.

For those of you who know someone else who may be interested in participating or helping with a donation. Have them email us at Pass this info on to people who can't read this journal. Thank you for your help. Also please remember if you can give blood. Encourage friends, family and co-workes to give blood as well. If we all do a little it will amount to alot.

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This person is crying out for help:

Copy of email from Alva Irish:

My son is in Deep, deep trouble.
He was the youngest member of Mensa in 1974.
Here is the information on what is going on:
Here in South Carolina, the Police have decided to take matters into their own hands and to write their own laws.
They have sent up illegal "Seat Belt Checks" at checkpoints all over the state, and are stopping people ostentatiously to see if their seat belts are fastened.

In reality, they are drumming up business, because they get a cut of every ticket or arrest they give out.
The SC Attorney general, Charles Condon, has gone on TV and made a statement that all activities, and arrests/tickets given out as a result of one of those checks is considered "fruit from a poison tree", and not legal.
Here is what he said then:
"In essence, Traffic stops are illegal for seatbelt violation. Another
violation must be determined first."
Statement of Attorney General Charlie Condon Concerning Today's US
Supreme Court Ruling on Seatbelt Stops

BUT, if a person has no money, and no way to pay an attorney, they can and do run over them like a steam roller, with whatever trumped up charges they may make up.
My son is one of those people.
Please send a donation to get my son bonded out of Jail!!!
He needs $2500 to pay for his tickets (explanation below), the tow, sticker, and storage for the Van, and his bond fee before he will be let out.
Then, he will need to retain an attorney, which will cost another $1,000.

Please send all donations overnight to:
Alva Irish
261 Conway Drive
Fountain Inn, SC 29644
He is our only source of help.
Thank you, in advance.
Story below.

Here is what I sent to Mr. Condon,
Mr. Condon,
My name is Alva Irish.
My husband and I are a totally disabled persons due to a severe automobile accident 8-31-98. because of it, it triggered my Genetic illnesses to active., I have Porphyria, Diabetes, Hereditary Angeoedema, and Peripheral Neuropathy.
I cannot go out into the light
I take care of my totally disabled husband, Joe, he has Boxer's Parkinsonium Syndrome (from the blow he received in the accident) and Porphyria. I have to feed, bathe, etc., him.
My son Ben drives my car to do errands for me, goes and picks up my insulin, Joe's medicines, takes us to Doctor's appointments.

Ben turned right on a yellow light a while back, and got a $150 ticket for it. The police there told him to plead guilty and they would let him off. They didn't.
Ben drove a Taxi for a living with Yellow Cab.
They took his license away, and began doubling the ticket price because he couldn't pay.
Because they took his license away, he COULDN'T make any money TO pay.
He lost his Job.
We still needed someone to help us get out medicine, so he continued to go get it.
Without it we would die.
We have no one else to help us.
He got stopped at a seat belt check, and got another ticket, driving under suspension, and a warrant out for his arrest.
The money kept rising for the original yellow light right turn.
Now it was up to $600, plus his warrant.

We could not afford to pay for our license tag sticker. His friend stuck a new year on it to give us more time.
Told us it would be OK to do that. Well, it wasn't.
On the 13th, they stopped him again at another seat belt check, the policeman leaned in on his window while he was still rolling.
The gas and the brake pedals are very close together on a 93 Ford Aerostar van, and Ben got flustered.
He stepped on the brake, but the side of his foot caught the gas a little, and the van lurched before it came to a stop.
They arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon (the van) !!!

He is now in the Greenville Detention Center.
Since my phone won't let me accept collect calls, Ben can't call me.
Without his help, and our Van, which they towed away, WE will die.
We won't be able to get our medicine, or go to Doctors, or get food.

Ben overheard them talking about it, and since all this is taped, that conversation can probably be found for evidence:
He said he overhead them talking, they said, "what shall we charge him with?" and the other guy said, Oh, charge him with assaulting a police office with a deadly weapon", then the other guy said, naa, that won't fly, how about just assault with a deadly weapon?, and then the other one said, why not? it won't go, but we can have some fun with this one."
The added his other tickets up on there, and are refusing to let him out unless I come up with $12,200.
They might as well ask for the moon.

Ben will die in Jail. he has inherited my illnesses, and will swell and his kidneys and heart will fail.
Can you help us?
I cannot afford to pay a lawyer, I called 20 of them today, and all of them want money. Up front.
Ben's Jail numbers are:
Bennet J. Irish 0257 11036242 139750
The detention Center's number is:
The charges are:
Assault with a Deadly Weapon $10,000
Driving under Suspension $1,000
Expired License tag $200
Altering a license tag $200
Also, there is a Bench warrant from Judge Garret, I don't know how much it is for, but it is for the same yellow light ticket.

Can you help us?
Alva Irish
261 Conway Drive
Fountain Inn, SC 29644
*and here is his response:
Your son will need to consult with an attorney regarding the charges he is facing. If he does not want to wait for an attorney to be appointed for him, he will have to hire private counsel. Our office cannot represent individuals in court.
Office of the Attorney General
And Here is a letter I just received from Ben:
(To Joseph for Father's day, and the rest to me)
"Dear Dad,
I am sorry. I didn't mean to screw up Father's day too, but I guess I already have. Jail is not as bad as I have always heard. Most of the guys in my cell are super nice. Luckily I had $18 dollars in my pocket when I was arrested...a little candy goes a long way towards making friends. Nobody is messing with me. All you do is sleep all day and all night.
......I have slept for a couple of hours since I started writing this letter. While I was asleep, someone stole all of my stuff I had bought from the canteen. I got mad and said something about it, and got beaten up. I guess I have offended them now.
One of them has a sharpened spoon he showed me.
Please get me out of here!!! Help me!!!
I'll make up Father's day to you, I promise!!!
Love, Ben
Please help my son!!!

Request for assistance

Ah, that is one of the places I sent my information, also the ACLU.
Both of them responded with, "Please send me your mailing address so I
mail you our form", telling me that they never even bothered to read my
letter, because my mailing address is IN the letter.
I have gotten $225 in donations so far, that chips down the $2500
needed to
I am desperate to get Ben out of Jail.
In return for donations, I will do my Services for double the amount
Or I will send a bottle of Hgh(s).
All from my Website:
I just got my website up, so I have not had any business yet to bring
I cannot offer any of the Integris or Immunotec products, as the prices
listed are all wholesale.
Alva Irish
261 Conway Drive
Fountain inn, SC 29644
Also, there has been mention made of what if I am a fake?
Well, I obviously put ALL my information into my request for help,
my home address and telephone number, and Ben's Jail numbers, the
for the detention center.
Everything can easily be checked.
I am not some scam artist from Nigeria, I am a fellow Mensan and Ben is
well, and we need Help.
I dislike ever asking anyone for anything, but I have done it anyway
my son's life is in danger.
The people I have asked for help thinking and hoping apathetically that
others, (some one else) will take care of it, and that Ben will
get out by himself ain't working.
Any little bit will help.
If 100 people sent me $25, then that would take care of it.